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If you love something then you better blog about it. And so, I do.

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Newborns & Development

It is true that Babies grow in unique ways. From head control to rolling over, sitting,crawling,walking,talking and all developmental stages are unmistakable signs that your baby is growing really fast! From helpless justborn Baby to an active toddler, It just takes Twelve months for a newborn to undergo an incredible transformation.

Check out what's happening with baby's development Month by Month.

Baby's First Month

  • Baby is capable of moving head side by side
  • Baby can recognize the smell of breastmilk
  • Baby is capable of focusing at a distance of 12 inches

Baby's Second Month

Baby can now move her hands and jerk

Baby can be able listening to the sounds around her

Baby’s cries are also a means of communication

Baby's Third Month

Baby can recognises faces

Parents can start communicating by making some silly sounds

She spends most of the time in a day by looking at her hands and legs

Baby's Fourth Month

Babies may start grabbing earrings, necklaces or hair

Baby’s eye color may change at this stage

Babies can now push or kick with their feet

Baby shows readiness for solids

Baby's Fifth Month

Baby laughs, coos and gurgles

Smiling at almost all responses

At the same time baby may get cranky, bored or tired

Baby's Food

Healthy Baby Weaning Foods







Ways To Introduce Cow’s Milk

Some babies love to drink cow’s milk which makes the transition process easier for parents and for themselves too. But there are some babies, who do not like cow's milk initially, because of the difference in taste, temperature and color.

So,first mix the cow's milk with regular milk.

Initially, mix up one part of cow's milk with three parts of regular milk. Gradually increase the ratio of Cow's milk.

If your baby is spitting up the milk, take advice from your Doctor.

Baby's Sleep

Baby's Safety

Baby's Health

Baby Names

Baby's Play & Activities

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